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During the 2020 Presidential election, Ben served as the Director of Innovation for the Harris County Elections Office, where he led the team that built drive thru voting for the 2020 election – a change that made voting safer and more accessible for more than 130,000 people. 
The efforts were so successful, Governor Abbott banned the innovation in his voter suppression law last year. But Ben believes our right to vote is sacred, which is why this past July, he marched 27 miles in the scorching summer heat, from Georgetown to Austin, to protest voter suppression.
First steps include requiring all Precinct 4 staff to register as Deputy Voter Registrars and bringing on a full-time staff dedicated to registering voters, particularly high school students and apartment residents, in the Precinct. Ben will also push the new Elections Administrator to develop a “dummy proof” design for applications to vote by mail and mail ballots so that errors are minimized. There must also be wide scale campaigns to educate voters on how to use the new paper ballot machines. To ensure equity in voting, Ben will champion the translation of voter registration forms into more languages and support the polling location in our jail.
There should also be serious consideration of holding elected officials in contempt for those attempting to overturn elections without legal proof. We must send a signal that Harris County will not tolerate attempts to subvert democracy. As County Commissioner, Ben will take every measure to bring the fight to the Republicans by supporting the Elections Administrator’s office in its efforts to maximize voter registration and turnout in every election including local ones. 


目前囚禁罪犯的模式是針對窮困、公共健康、藥品濫用、無家可歸者、心理問题和許多社會問題,這些問題不該全用法律解決。第一重點應該減少積壓暴力案件, 強化街道和監嶽的警察可信賴度,停止移民監,赞同犯人票,全力改進槍枝犯罪。




政府應該照顧水災災民並且未雨绸繆。首先要对易受水患區有一個周詳的計畫,当水災發生時有足够公共建築供災民避難並提供水和食物。如何減缓災情?我會為第四區開始一個基金:改進過時老掉牙的100 到500 年不變的水災地圖,定期疏通堵塞的下水道,清除河口的水泥物,禁止影嚮河道的建築,增加堤防並且加強透明水災區買房和租房的訉息。


Ben admires the work our educators have done, and the real progress they are making in ensuring every student graduates ready for college, the military, and the job market. It is not the County’s role to write the curriculum, program, or community engagement plan. It is, however, to speak up and speak out about opportunities for collaboration and improvement.


First steps include creating a year-round after school jobs program for youth and expanding library and community center hours so students have a place to study and print their homework. Long-term goals include offering universal pre-K for all 3 and 4 year olds and universal wifi throughout Precinct 4. As County Commissioner, Ben will work together with area school districts, teachers, and childcare providers to help them dig out of a pandemic-related crisis that compounded the difficulties in overcoming social and economic conditions.

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